Thursday, 31 March 2011


Kylie, Jesus FUCKING Christ. I sooo did not expect to be that impressed! The whole production was completely out of this world. The costumes, dancers SHOES, Dresses, Muscle's everywhere! and not to mention the WATER. I had so much fun dancing around singing at the top of my lungs with my Muma, (you should have seen my lil crippled Mum clobbering back to her car because her feet hurt so much) What an amazing night. But, theres ALWAYS a but. at the very end, Just when Kylie came back on for her encore, This couple came barging through the crowd obviously wanting to get a look in, standing all over my feet and of all the places to stand they stood next to me, Mum's giving me the 'Lauren, please don't say anything' look when they are rocking back and forth between the barrier and me, spilling their drinks and bursting my eardrums as they were trying to shout over Kylie, because that was exactly what I wanted to hear? How much they were 'so Happy that they could share this magical moment together' and how much they 'appreciate each other on a whole new level' not even going to get into what that conversation turned into, Ok, I will a little. All you need to know is that it would have been X rated, over 18's only. Bed, Tongue's and 'going to show you more of me than I ever have before' all we needed was Rihanna's S&M as a backing track belting out Whips & Chains and I think it we would have been on to something. or NOT. On the way home, real radio were playing all Kylie anthems, and now that our voices has been warmed up, me and my mum obviously thought the songs would sound better with us screaming over them, Sorry southisde of Glasgow. The Windows were down!

and Back to reality today, I've had a pretty grumpy morning, I think its due to the fact I miss cakes. Don't be fooled by me. I'm writing this blog just as I am trying to sort my whole life out, this includes the fact I binge on junk food. Yes, it's true. I have literary been eating cakes for breakfast. I'm one of those really annoying people with the super high  metabolism's, That everyone thinks wouldn't eat that much, well in fact, I think i would surprise most of you, so one day I thought enough is enough, I've been told for a while now that food effects your mood, and the more healthy you are the better you feel, It makes sense. But no one told me about the withdrawal stage? I miss cakes crisps and pizza. Herbalife - 2 shakes a day, with vitamins, - for breakfast lunch or dinner and one healthy meal? The shakes are tastey! I have coffee flavour and cookies and cream. I have to drink loads of water (which I'm incredibly bad at) and Green Tea, which I drink anyway. Day 2, and I don't massive a big change, But i'm going to stick at it for sure. has so many things going on right now work is manic, better than being bored and nothing to do. I actually do love my job and who I work with, its normal to moan about work though, trying to be better at making my boss cups of coffee, its just laziness that I don't, the kitchen is 2 flights of stairs away! No excuses Jossie Jo. In our office there have been many out of the ordinary things go down from Make Up for shoots & BOTOX today I thought I would add another weird and wonderful activity. Louise Ballantine is coming in to give me a Spray Tan. I don't use sunbeds any more, and my tan is fading from Australia, time to bit the bullet and get a sunless tan! Will let you know how I get on...

Tonight I'm treating my sisters and Mum to go see Jessie J at the o2 Academy in Glasgow, from what I have seen and heard from her so far I think tonights going to be a good night! I have already posted that video of her singing in the subway, I think she is a true inspiration and good role model for all, the message I certainly get from her is people should just be themselves, but better. Be comfortable in your own skin and shine. Never let your dreams fade and fight hard for them, I wonder if its possible to ever be Jessie J cool naturally? 

Above is a shoot from Australia, I had only been down under for a few days, Photographer Brett Earl met me at the MUA's (Make Up Artist's) House, Shanice Brownlie for prep. We then drove out on location to a little curve at the beach where no one was at and shoot in the blazing heat! Brett's girlfriend Jasmine Paterson came along to give a helping hand with lighting, True hero bringing 'chips' as in crisps and juice! I was really pleased with the photos we produced and had such a laugh with everyone involved, Again compliments all round to the three and I hope to see you all on my return!

Peace Love & Herbalife


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  1. Awesome fun to shoot with you - so amazingly easy to shoot with, you have some wicked ideas with ur poses and looks. Makes it so much more enjoyable for me when I'm shooting someone with so much experience :D

    Cant wait to do something again when ur back!