Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Get Outta My Way

Surprise Tickets to Kylie tonight! & I'm beyond excited.

How GOOD does she Look? Seriously WOW

Today, I woke up about 6.45am considered going back to sleep, and that GUILT thanng made me get up out of my bed and go TO THE GYM! At long last I finally made it there! Started Herbalife today too! 2 Shakes and I'm feeling great. Just finished work at, going to go up to herbalife and trade in the strawberry flavour shake mix for cookies and cream then hit up the gym again, DASH home and get my Mum to raise the roof at Kylie! Today is a good day! Apart from this, I know it shouldn't bother me, but it does. I made a fan page to showcase what's going on in my modelling career. & I know what I'm like on facebook, everyone loves to be nosey and look at everyone's photos, so out of 1,000 people my facebook 'friends' 200 of them 'like' my page. I just think its sad, I mean why are people so bitter in this town. SHOW SOME LOVE people. How is anyone meant to survive in the Industry with out a little support from their friends? Kind of puts things in perspective. 

Rant Over
Gym Shoes On
Dancing Shoes Later

Peace Love & Kylie Minogue

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