Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Just Can't Get Enough

So last night. The Gym didn't happen, I failed to motivate myself and decided to get food with Phil & Usi instead, apart from huffy waitresses, My Steak sandwich was pretty damn good! (Thanks Phil) But today, I woke up with the GUILT. I have 3 full days (now 2) too Loose the target of 1000stone. I went to a Herbalife meeting last week where I was told I was 8stone. (The heaviest I have EVER been) but in fact underweight for my height. My BMI is 19.5% which is low too BUT not good enough. Nothing is ever good enough but this news is tragic. So, Tonight I'm going to work my little ass off in that gym, and tomorrow morning, night, Thursday morning and night, don't think I'll make it on Friday as my train is at 5.40am to make this shoot with Anna Fowler. As of tomorrow, I am starting on Herbalife. I haven't heard any bad reports on this as of yet, So thinking I'll give it a go? What is Herbalife? it was created by a guy that vowed to create a safe way of getting skinny due to his mothers death, she was an actress and felt very under pressure to stay slimmer than slim, she died from over dosing on a combination of diet pills and sleeping tablets. SO game on. Its two shakes a day and 1 meal, you have to take these with vitamins. I chose strawberry flavour and Coffee. So apparently with regular exercise My whole body shape will change? TIME WILL TELL PEOPLE

Is it really cheesy that I LOVE this song. Hopefully it will get me through a brutal workout tonight, Heres a few more TUNES according to me. Trying to convince myself I'm excited about the gym? FAIL. Man Up La

Jamie from the XX really knows how to Funk up a sad song.

Peace Love & R.I.P Carbs


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