Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Long Time Coming

OK Guys, this has really been a Long Time Coming! I did this shoot in Australia in December 2010. One of the best experiences in my Modelling career. It was such an amazing day! Only good things to say about the out of this world team that included just turned 22year old Aaron Wayne McPolin, a photographer so Talented beyond his years its unreal, Born in Manchester in the U.K made me feel at ease but equally pushing me to my limits no other photographer has as you can see the photograph is on another level much like everyone involved. Simone Lee - I feel like it wouldn't be right to call her a Hairdresser because she really is so much more, with ambition for World Domination much like myself a female more talented than even she would lead you to believe. 'Grafter' wouldn't cover it. Simone if your reading this. Grafter means Hard Worker (get some sleep girl!!) Ady Grader, Make Up Artist. You know these people who light up a room? Just by being themselves? Thats Ady down to a T. She automatically made me feel as at home as I could feel half way across the world!, probably one of the softest people I have ever met in my life. Lauren Boyle, Girl I still want that dress, another artist totally mental but GET'S IT! watch out world. Seriously, Last but not least AMANDA who is in fact Aaron's Mum. It was love at first sight as she bounced into the studio ARMED WITH FOOD! wow and does she know how to funk up nails, seriously I think its a trend that's going to catch! COPYRIGHT, do it! You will see what I mean when I get the rest of the photos from the Shoot, professional shoots you do actually have to wait until every thing is published to make it worth everyone's while, And after the conversations that took place in Australia I cant wait to let you guys know WHEN & WHERE this shoot is being published. I am dying to see the rest of the shots, but apparently good things come to those who wait! (I think I've said more nice things here than any other time in my life, feeling very vulnerable and uncomfortable for some reason, I am not a softy, I am hard as nails! haha)

The Wait Continues 

Peace Love & Wigs

Below is the Collection of Photos Produced by The Same Team of Creative for Hair Expo Compititon

Behind the Scenes.


Lauren I'm Serious, I WANT IT.

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