Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hatred and bitterness can never cure the disease of fear; 
Only love can do that. 

Hatred paralyses life; 
Love harmonises it. 
Hatred darkens life;
 Love illumines it

Shoot below I did with two of my favourite people to work with, Fellow model, Julia Bell. & Levi Macdonald a Talent Glasgow really doesn't fully appreciate yet,  Literary the two nicest people in the world. So talented too, Julia your wise words have got me through! and Levi. Bake me a Cake I'm freaking starving! We did this shoot for a company called Flossy & Dossy, The dresses made me feel like a Woman if that makes sense? Maybe not but I remember floating about the west end like a prim and proper Lady instead of dancing about Karbon in a tight little dress!

Peace Love and Lady Like Dresses

P.s NERVOUS/STRESSED about London.
Excited about Jessie J

So Much Too Do, & I've Ran Out Of Time, Usual

All of The Lights

Extra Bright, I Want Ya'll To See This

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