Friday, 1 April 2011

The Big Smoke

Happy April Fools Day, I wasn't Fooled by anyone this year, maybe it was due to the fact I was roaming the streets of London, I've never really been fooled on April Fools day though. (I would moan if I did, and moan if I didn't) So it was a 4am start today, and when I say 4am I mean the alarm went off at 4am, and was snoozed until 4.35am. I just like to keep it interesting clearly, maybe I'll miss my train maybe I won't? So after a quick shower, Attempted to dry my hair but didn't actually have time. 'Shit man Shit' was what I was thinking, Thankfully I had a taxi driver who understood I was a woman on a mission to make my train. Got on to the train, fine. Actually getting from A(taxi) to B(train) whole different story, I had a million bags as usual I have over packed. I was in a bit of a flustered state trying to balance carry and walk all at the same time. But we got there. I actually slept on the train this time, until about 8am, Then nerves about the up and coming day must have woke me up. I can't really put my finger on why I was so nervous? I think a combination of the unknown and just being in London again, I feel like with modelling I have got to the stage where I really want to see how far I can push it? But also, I don't know if i'm ready to have thick skin again, Nobody is going to be right for everything and rejection is part of the job, so self admittedly I think I've been hiding behind Glasgow, keeping myself so busy up here when I know it's not where I need to be. Believe it or not ladies and Gents, my 'Portfolio' if you like has only been created over the past 11 months now. I have modelling a little bit all my life, but, Anything you guys have seen, thats all been done in a very very short space of time, I really have worked hard to get to this stage, earlier today I couldn't remember this, I forgot this was a shoot, something I'm always still learning but know the basics about, I was a wreck to say the least, especially when I arrived in Euston 12mins early I knew SOMETHING WAS NOT RIGHT haha, Have you ever heard that in your life? Transport, 12mins early into London. Anyway, got off the train and again, the same problem of having too many bags came into play. I immediately called my pal Johnny, he comes and saves the day, I dump my stuff with him and make a run for my shoot. I approach the location, (a little bit late, sorry Anna & Carmen) I go up the stairs, and... Anna answers the door with big open arms smiling, Hello! and Boom I can breathe again, all day we had such a laugh, Carmen the (self taught) Make Up artist  couldn't shut me up, which isn't Ideal when someone is trying to put make up on your face. Anna all round amazing being did my hair, and I tried to ask the less obvious questions they get asked every day! I had such a fun day, Arielle came along for moral support! It was relaxed, fun and easy. When after seeing the shots, (the three Anna sent me last night as a taster) It should have been my hardest, Anna and Carmen were both very involved in the making and creation of the shots, giving me direction and good feed back through out, Its really off putting when a photographer doesn't say anything when your shooting, Anna is not only Talented but very quick too. Carmen, a girl of my own heart. Have a feeling we'll be 'Drinking wine and having crack' ALOT.

I'm Tired, and about to Get Food

Peace & Love from London Town

P.S Good Luck Tomorrow Broken Back, Let the Celebrations Roll

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