Saturday, 2 April 2011

On My Own

So Today I got my first long lie in weeks, I slept until 10.15am and I have to say I've missed it, But long lies are a thing of the past, and hard work is finally starting to pay off! So this morning I had a meeting a little outside of London, don't really want to give anything away or Jinx my luck all I'm going to say MASCULINE PINK, everyone involved knows what I'm talking about. So was in the meeting until half 3pm then I waiting for Train back South West of London to Richmond, I had never been before. And (in the words of Annie Mac) "Oh My Dayz", I fell in Love with it! Its a very quaint little Village type place just 20mins from London, Mick Jagger lived there, Kind of says it all really. Its beautiful, not somewhere I would consider living anytime soon as it's super expensive and a total yummy mummy place, full of well spoken gentlemen and walking sticks. Think I would stick out like a sore thumb just now but can see myself calming down a bit over the years and subtly wean myself into the upper class! The meeting this morning has made me realize London is where I need to be! Its where the money and opportunities are and, It's so nice to be away from Glasgow, Why does everyone have such a chip on there shoulder, Some would say I am one to talk, as WIDO comes to mind. Yes, I used to be a little bit of a nightmare to say the least. But I was young and angry with everyone. Now, You'll be happy to hear I'm finally starting to become less wild and a little more 'tamed'. I'm a working progress! 

So here's to not being a Wido.

Peace & Love From Richmond

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