Sunday, 3 April 2011

It's Not Where You've Been, It's Where Your Going

Sunday, the day of rest. but, NO REST FOR THE WICKED. Camden is where it's at today. Camden market, it was so much fun! I bought a new 'starbucks' tee, a new Hello Kitty bag, as I'm pretty much obsessed and a new vintage jumper! I actually thought there would be more buying but I was able to restrain and be sensible! We went to this amazing restaurant Gilgamesh. I didn't eat I just had Green Tea but the environment is supper cool, serves Pan-Asian cuisine, its a laid back bar with round tables and downstairs is a Club. Hit all three options and sounds pretty ideal. Need to go out and test more than green tea next time! Tonight its Whisky Mist with my mate Laura Clears, this will be my first time to the club so will have full report tomorrow. 

I need to run for the subway!

Peace & Love on Sunday the Day of Rest

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