Monday, 4 April 2011


Monday Monday Monday, Good Afternoon to you all. I have had the best day so far, So last night. Got on the subway, listened to my ipod for the 1st time since i've been here. Put my phone in my pocket. and apparently left it on the Tube. FUCKING IDEAl, not. But, I have got a whole new faith in humanity not everyone are fuckers out there. This lovely man called my last dialed number which was Laura (who I was going to see) To say he had my phone, he lived in Camden but would come meet us either tonight or the following day and give me it back. WTF! So that's exactly what I did this morning before my meeting for Met the nice man outside the subway at Bank right at the horse, He told me he would be wearing blue shoes but forgot to mention how bright they would be. But he actually gave me my phone back, I mean I don't doubt some of my texts were read or photos were looked at, but he actually gave me my phone back. WOW

Take a step back to last night, we drank some wine before we went out, drank some more wine when we got there, It was a very fun night, but we actually got in a taxi early bells. like 1.30am bed by 2.15am. We managed to take some drunk photos on laura's laptop. and I'm sure i heard you while I was trying to sleep gurl, she was so fascinated that you could do 4 poses in 4 frames!

Happy Days Sista

So after I had collected  my neglected little pink cased phone I never really appreciated until I didn't have it (note to self do not publicly announce you are in fact addicted to your BB) I had a meeting on Charlotte street two stops away from oxford street for Which I nailed!! Was walking through London with a total spring in my step. Got back to Clapham and went to buy the ingredients for dinner, Jonny was cooking a special pasta dish with his friend James, packed my bags for my return to Glasgow, Had a bath and Boom dinner was ready. It was so delish and James is one of the funniest sober person I have met in so Long, he is utterly Fabulous and we made some connections of how his pleasure could potentially help me. So dine away James. DO IT. 

Bed Time for La
Peace Love & No Pressing SNOOZE on my Alarm


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