Friday, 25 March 2011

No Words

The title of this blog is pretty tragic seen as Blog's have to have some content. But really I am referring to the photo below. I did this shoot while in Australia in December with Make Up artist and all round creative Director Siouxane Martincic, and Photographer David Woolley. It was such a hot day I felt totally cheated from the sun! It was a studio shoot (which I am not the biggest fan of) But as you can see below, It turned out, well. You tell me.

Not only were these hair pieces in fact neon green and black, I have a gas mask round my neck. My first time wearing contact lenses. When getting prep'd, I was feeling like a super DIVA gazing outside, but as soon as Siouxane talked me through what she wanted and all the props I felt totally inspired. I got into character and am pretty amazed with the result. Big hand all round, Absaloutely love the shot. Am I allowed to say that? Without sounding like I'm blowing smoke up my arse?

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