Thursday, 24 March 2011

Face For The Radio

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day, & I'm feeling POSITIVE. Below is a Shoot I did for my company I convinced Joanne and Ruthanne my two boss's that I could pull off a shoot with 18 models 6 photographers 6 Make up Artists and a full Team of Hairdressers. Little did i know how out of my depth I in fact was. But managed to pull it off, Just! 

Photographs by Derrick Argent
Hair by MAK hairdressing
Clothing American Apparel - (Thanks Rob Leanne & Rachel )
Make Up Rachel Imrie & Kaeligh Wallace

Blagger should be my middle name, I managed to Blag and Borrow over £3,000 worth of clothes. Locations free of charge and pulled in some help from Friends. (All the pictures through the 3 days are going to be published on INAA & Press.) Though the blood sweat tears and sleepless nights, if Valentines day wasn't bad enough this year, Newly single and having to direct, style and pull together a press campaign? Me? The result gave the company another unique quality and I'm glad I have finally put my mark on something. I feel very proud of what I have achieved and can quite gladly say Its all been me. People always used to tell me how I would appreciate it more if I worked hard for it, Well your right. 

I'm 18 years young, and I have achieved good and bad throughout my life. I finally feel like I have taken something bad, (myself) and made it Good. So fingers up to all the people that wanna see me fall. Guess what? I'm still standing. In the wise words of Nicki Minaj - My Haters are My Motivators, in fact your so unimportant you play no part in the my little world 

Peace Love & World Domination

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