Monday, 19 December 2011

Get Your Shit Together

I kind of my lost hope in myself for a second there, and lost hope in my lovely little blog. But after using it to GET MY SHIT TOGETHER & GET MOTIVATED, I'm back, for the 1000th time this year. Decided I need some consistency in my life, routine and a schedule. So I'm going to take you with me, day by day! Officially on the 1st of january, I'm going to do the year long photo challenge. 365 photos & I'm going to start video blogging! Yes, I've finally decided to MAN UP & get on it. Lots of plans for 2012. A year I will finally leave my teenage years and turn 20, hopefully travel some more, learn live laugh and love? My Mr Big is out there, he has to be right? 

Yesterday & Today have been spent on the couch, movie marathon and catching up on sleep. Tomorrow will be as far from movie watching as humanly possible, polar opposite day. Its back to the gym I go, Planning on 2 training sessions. One long cardio interval training, then a break & a swim! Then onto an intense weight session! Girls & boys, you only get one shot at this life! One body so make the most of it & look after it! Advice I'm planning on putting into practice! 

I only have 1 shoot this week which is good as I can concentrate on the gym get focused and in shape! My one shoot is Mr Ten30's S/S 2012 Look-book! Being shot on Wednesday morning! Then i'm working at an event on Saturday ALL day long! Hopefully be flat shoes involved give my poor lil' toots a rest from my 'tranny heels' as Rachel Zoe would say. 

Over the last days of 2011, I plan on reflecting on the last year, and putting up some stuff that will hopefully motivate you guys into doing better, being better and striving to achieve your dreams.

I have a target that has to be met by the end of 2011, Let's see if we can reach it.

Reflective & Motivational Post IS IN THE POST

Peace Love & Bloggin' Bitch


I LAV This Abstract Shot By Ian McInnes 
& Cannot wait to shoot with him & Jak in the early weeks of the New Year


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