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I'M SORRY, I am truly the worst blogger ever but promise from now on I'll be back to posting daily. WANNABE SHE IS NOW A .COM - BOOM!

So, as it stands we have a lot of catching up to do? Where the hell do I even start? I'll need to break it down..

Sunday the 12th was the INAA Hair & Beauty Awards, my day was manic as usual running about like a total headless chicken, You would think on the day that your company had been planning for the last 6 months you would be organised? Hell no. So after talking myself into some form of sanity everything eventually fell into place, Hair did, Nails did, Collected dress from Carolyn's sisters house (Carolyn Baxter, girl who made my beautiful dress) I in fact got ready in the Marriott toilets in 10mins flat, I probably shouldn't tell you the unglamorous parts of my life? But then I would be missing out a great deal! So a quick change and face painted, I was finally ready. 

Wearing Carolyn Baxter standing with the Woman herself

After some 'pre drinks' (It definitely wouldn't have been referred as that by anyone but I can't think of another way of wording drinks in the lobby) the ballroom was opened and we were all greeted with a glass of pink champaign then seated at our tables. Obviously with INAA organising the whole event we were hosting our clients so each member of the team manned a table, I had literary been seated for 5 minutes when Elizabeth (an INAA member) rushed over to me, "Lauren, MOVE!" Now this is a remark I would have maybe expected to hear towards the end of the night trying to get me to most likely move away from the bar, but no. Of course it had to happen when the clients at my table are sober and needing entertained. So, under instruction and being shimmy shammy'd through the hotel, myself Elizabeth and Gary from Hely Hair congregated in the lift where I was informed I now a Make Up Artist. No, I am not kidding. Rita rusk, a Scottish legend that has made her mark all over the world in the hair industry was being awarded Life Time Achievement. Her make up artist hadn't turned up, and a girl someone had found her 'she didn't quite fancy' I'm thinking to myself at this moment in time, I am going into a hotel room, impersonating a make up artist with only the make up that is in my clutch bag. Thankfully she just wanted her base put on and basic eye and red lips. I don't think my hands have ever been that shaky not ideal when your doing make up, But I think she looked swell! Listen to me trying to move into yet another industry. DEFINITELY NOT. Leaving that one to the Pro's for sure.

Make Up by Lauren Andrew (lol)

After that fiasco the night went amazingly! Such a moment in our company. Everyone with no exceptions had an unbelievable night, Including the TOWIE Gang, Mr Mark Wright man of the moment and his 'fiance' Lauren Goodger partied with us right through. Hat off to the boss man Jossie Jo, printed version Joanne Reid, she sure knows how to throw a party!!

Gary Wilson - Originally from Dundee, Gary now lives and study's in Newcastle. We first met at a party years ago where he had some of his sketches for a Jumpsuit he had designed for a Topshop competition that he had in fact won,  his designs turned into the real thing and was sold in stores through out the U.K, this kind of sets the mark to where Gary's at. I truly believe he has 'It' So talented and down to earth. 

So after not hearing from him for a while I got a random email asking me to Shoot in one of his designs. He needed photos of the dress being worn as it being sent to Nicola Formichetti. LADY GAGA'S STYLIST. So of course at the drop of a hat I pulled a team together (Photographer Derrick Argent & MUA Kaeleigh Wallace) Gary brought along his friend Emma to do a fashion video as an added extra! Kaeleigh, like me unfortunately works way too much so instead of coming to the shoot, We met at her house AM to do make up prior to the shoot. Once make up was done I travelled over to the west end to Derrick's studio. I don't think I need to talk you through this one, I'll just let the pictures do that instead.

Well? What do you think? Even more excited about the Video is that even possible. I have a good feeling its going to be AH MAZING.

So in between Shoots INAA & Cruise, when maniacally running for the train I passed Waterstones, NOW. I swear, every time I have tried to buy 'The Secret' It was out of stock. In London, at my dad's in Manchester and numerous occasions in Glasgow. I had heard you were meant to be given the secret like passed on so it was driving me insane because no one was passing it on to me! So in a last attempt before I had to do the feared internet shop I had a quick check. & AT LAST. It was in stock and ready to purchase. Seriously GO GET IT, NOW, NO NOT LATER RIGHT NOW! Its a book that will change your way of thinking. I used to live life like 'expect the worst then your never disappointed' ALL WRONG.  Its all about energy, positive and negative, The Law of Attraction. 

Rant almost over, another little pur-chase a book called 'The Game' written by Neil Strauss. Its a book written for men, about dating and relationship etc etc, but since I don't get 'The Game' I thought I would get one up on them and learn it so I can play it BETTER

Artpunk Muir also known as Paul, a photographer I had never worked with before, totally different style to anyone I've shot with before which is ideal, need to keep changing it up! ALWAYS, variety is key. So Paul had in fact made a leotard with red fringing on it, he'd been inspired by some video he came across. Prior to the shoot Paul had emailed me reminding me to bring black underwear. Quite uncommon as its normally nude. So of course I totally forget the black underwear, Only realising when he hands over the leotard so I can get changed, I said, so what am I meant to wear under it? The black under wear I told you to bring? SHIT. We were thankfully right in the middle of town at The Buff Club, ideal as I had to go make a quick dash to the shop. We finally got started. 

I had just got my dress from the awards back from the dry cleaners so we ended up doing a few shots in that too!

Was really happy with the outcome of this shoot and was really lovely working with you Paul!

Every time paul shoot's he takes a picture up against a wall, so that's what we did, At first my pose was a lot more lady like but Paul was having none of it. This is the result. Charming

As you know I try and work out when I can, but cardio just ain't my thing. I'm more a weights girl. But these days I'm lucky if I get to workout at all! Now, Zumba - Me? No never, until Ms Daley talked me into it. We got the train together over to barrhead, green tea in hand. & I can honestly say I had fun and I sweated. Would definitely do it again, much fun. TRY IT.

So, I think I'm done with my Update. Lots happened and so much more to come!
Its Good To Be Back

Peace Love & Originality

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