Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cheap Imitations.

As anyone that knows me knows how hard I work, not just at my bread and butter job at INAA but with Modelling especially, it's something I really put my heart and sole into. I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people over the past year and have learned a hell of a lot. I have created my own little brand and it took a really long time to be recognised. I don't know what its like else where but I certainly know what my own city Glasgow is like. Its actually quite a sad thing as it seems no one supports peoples passion's WHERE IS THE LOVE PEOPLE? Take my facebook page and this blog for instants? I now have over a thousand people like it after just 3 months of starting it, You know how many of MY friends like it? not even a third of them! These people know exactly who they are! People will read my blog and look at my work but have nothing but bad things to say? The one I always get is, "You've done so much" YEAH! I WORK FREAKING HARD! Do you think I just do it for fun? No I do it because I love it and IT MAKES ME MONEY!

Anyone who works hard, over and above whats expected will know how truly hurtful it is when when anything comes between you and the end goal, the only thing that's keeping you going through the blood sweat and tears. I have thought and thought about making this public for a while now and for six months I have risen above it however lets just say I've been pushed over the edge. At first I was flattered, but now its rediculous and feel this is one way to put a stop to it or at least make people aware of what's going on. On a shoot I don't just turn up and pout like you all may think. Alot of hard work and planning has gone into all of my work & it kills me to think that people who copy it will and are getting recognised for what I have come up with.

Seen this exact same photo anywhere else?

Above - Me
Below - Not

I was brought up with manners, & for me this is not only embarrassing but hugely disrespectful. Every person I have worked with from the word go has had emails from this girl, asking to work with them. Clients that I have built up and worked hard to get,  this is not just on a personal level now, this is my work, what I do.

I've tried to ignore this girl and the copycat work however I get bombarded with emails on a daily basis from friends and people I've never even met before asking what the hell is going on, and what I'm going to do about it? I am sick and tired of working so hard and seeing the same thing being copied 2 weeks later and frankly its completely heart breaking. Do you know what? If this girl had come to me and asked for help or advice I would of been gladly willing to help as I already do with others but to be so blatant and underhand?

 Being a stripper last summer has clearly given this girl no morals, She has already been asked to leave a modelling agency for this exact reason, I just don't understand why she would risk it all again for something she apparently loves.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It 1000% IS NOT



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  2. I've had this happen to me too, a number of times - specific images aswell as having my whole website design copied! People always give you the "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" line, but thats BS. It makes me so angry to begin with, especially when the quality of the imitation doesn't even come close to the quality of the original... but eventually it just makes me cringe.

    To so blatantly copy someone else's work is not flattering, it's embarrassing... and if the photographers knew what they were doing too (which they may not have) they should also be embarrassed.

    Imagine never having an idea of your own... that'd be a sad existence wouldn't it?