Sunday, 31 July 2011


Somone asked me the other day "What's been your FAVOURITE Shoot?"

Frizor International

Disconnect Magazine

I miss Australia, & The Amazing people I got to spend time with. I also miss the passionate people I worked with. This is just 1 of the images created in Australia. & As you can see the standard of photo is insane, Insane enough to make it into 2 different magazines. One of which being a full page. I have only seen about 5 images from that day in total, It's just the way they work over there. I am not allowed to see or publish the rest of the shoot until it has been published in the magazines first. Fair enough as it makes it worth my while! With such a great team I'm sure there will an amazing end result. 

As you can see this in an UN EDITED image that literary been captured from a contact sheet. Still to have all the tweaks done to it. WOW I can't wait till it's OUT. Wait until you guys see it! I swear to god. Very very proud to have been involved, and I think you can agree it's one of my best! Everyone involved pushed me to my limits & That is so important. Who you work with can make or break you so girls choose carefully! 

Peace Love & I Miss Australia
Time to RETURN?

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