Saturday, 2 July 2011

Manic Mayhem

So as always, THERE WAS A DRAMA, On Thursday Night I posted a blog about my Shoot for Obscure couture a few weeks ago. Didn't post it on Facebook until Friday. Literary 10mins after  me posting it on the Designers pages BOOM phone starts to ring. With a message under my post saying "LAUREN WE NEED YOU, CALL US NOW" So I did, low and behold a model had cancelled on them. So I had to save the night! And gladly filled the space! Quickly jumped in a shower, stuck a face mask on, dashed about doing needless things for 10mins, washed it off and I was on my way!

I walked into warm open arms as ever, I'm not going to do any more ass licking and telling you all how simply WONDERFUL these girls are. (Oh shit, woops) So after being slightly briefed, I walked into hair and make up. And there standing were two of my regulars, Liam fro the rainbow room and Kaeleigh Wallace. LOVE when you walk in and know everyone. It means you can skip the small talk and get straight to gossip! TRUE STORY! 

I feel like I looked a little like an asian geisha? I dunno was definitely different from anything I had had before. K managed to make me look semi decent and off we went. SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT.

Liam Dickson was shooting, We had a laugh and  danced to extremely loud music.



Peace Love & WORK'N IT

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