Thursday, 7 July 2011

"No one goes for 'COFFEE' in Scotland"

After work a much needed coffee was in order. As if a Gin hangover wasn't bad enough, About lunch time I got toothache again, and decided to march down to my dentists and DEMAND someone help me as I was in so much pain! So that's what I did, but didn't realise that you had to PAY for someone to look at your mouth? SCANDALOUS so my bill of £45 came and went, proscribed pain killers and antibiotics as I have an abscess (MAJOR SAD FACE, SYMPATHY PLEASE)

I decided not to wallow in self pitty but to go out for dinner, The Italian Cafe to be precise, Mussels and white wine sauce, Means it definitely has to be eaten with TWO bottles of white wine. OH DEAR.

So that's what we did, Drank wine and played the wii, bowling. I have a feeling my arm may hurt tomorrow as I got slightly competitive. I had a lovely night and now its most certainly time for B.E.D

Peace Love & 'Coffee'

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