Thursday, 30 June 2011


We did this shoot around a month and a half ago now. The girls, Jenn Coyle and Lyndsey Pagan needed models for product shots that are going to be used on their online shop. The Hair & Make Up Artist was Jak Morgan who I had never worked with before but now someone I would swear by!  The other model was Lauren Strattan who I had directed before in the INAA press shoot. Hair and Make Up commenced then we shot for a total of 11 hours or something ridiculous. I was actually really sick this day so when Jenn and Lyndsey hadn't sent me the photos I thought, shit I must have really messed this one up and they're just going to re-shoot because I looked so Ill. But thankfully Jak managed to make me look well, definitely better than I felt. So with lots of coffee's being made throughout the shoot ran on until about 1am in the morning. Baring in mind we started at 1pm. LONG DAY! Especially when you have a bunch of perfectionist and a grouchy ill model. But I MAN'D UP (a saying I love and use ALL the time, but also a saying the Obscure Couture girls have had made into knuckle dusters! This is when I knew it truly was MEANT TO BE) The photographer was a guy called Liam Dickson, a close friend of the designers and someone I had never worked with before, the humour was flowing throughout the day and night which kept everyone going, with professionalism BOOMING we got the job done. And here is just a snippet of what we achieved...

WELL DONE, to everyone involved. Seriously for mandatory boring product shots I think we managed to keep the coolness that completely ooses out of these girls and there designs.

For anyone that knows the Obscure Couture girls they are really in a league of their own, I really do mean that. I hate being soppy but sometimes its completely necessary. Working in an industry like Fashion, it's said and known for there to be complete plonkers working through out. I have been quite lucky in dodging working with such people bar a few,  but when the people you are working for are simply FABULOUS through and through It really makes life so much sweeter. Being around such positive hard-working personalities it makes you push that little harder than you usually would.

Lyndsey & Jenn wearing Obscure Couture @ The Scottish Fashion Awards 

The girls were up for Young Scottish Designer of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards, where they were, I believe to be completely ROBBED. This shows what kind of level they are on! Its a total compliment in itself to be nominated anyway and it was definitely deserved. Although, still should have won (bitter fan!) 

Whats next for these two? WORLD DOMINATION? Girls you got my vote. Keep doing what your doing as you are both a total breath of fresh air. & when I say fresh I definitely mean smoke filled, with some orange hair, padlock ears beautiful-ness LOVE IT.

Peace, Love & Obscure Couture


  1. wah, love Obscure Couture - had them down for a win at SFA too, boo!

    think they always style up their shoots ridiculously well, and you look incredible here.

    a x
    Girl in the City Glasgow

  2. thanks chick I know they were completely ROBBED, this is there year though