Monday, 4 July 2011


After a long day at work and a sparkling clean house, It was shoot time. I was working with two people I never had before. Meet the Team

David Black - House of Black. Fashion Designer David, There was Talk of Love and Love for fashion, hard times and good, One of the softest people I've met in fashion for a long time but a total control freak. - Understandable - I just don't think he knew what has hit him working with the biggest control freak EVER - Me! But after one failed shoot previously we both had discussed exactly what we wanted, always helps to have a totally clear image in your head of exactly what your aiming for! Hopefully he got what he was looking for & MORE. Time will tell..

David Stanton, a man who truly stays behind the camera at all times. This is the ONLY photo I could find of him. David is someone who I've been meaning to work with for a long time now, but we waiting for what seemed like forever to get THE RIGHT shoot. THE RIGHT concept and THE RIGHT team. And. I think we nailed it. & Man, what a lovely guy? Like super nice, He does have this rep but in no way did I expect him to be so warm, David put me at ease straight away (this really is so important) Can't wait until the next one D. (see ya next year!! aha)

Jak, Has become my absolute favourite person to work with. She just get's it. Only problem is now she's my favourite I talk way too much, not a good combination when someone is trying to paint your face on. From mental diets to real live wannabe she's I think we've covered most things, But I am completely certain I will be able to make your ear bleed as always next time we work together.

So with David bringing two assistants to help him with lighting and general camera stuff  we got cracking. Baring in mind I met Jak at Contrast, a studio situated in the middle of Glasgow's city centre, about 6 O'clock PM!! Where the Hair and Make Up process started. The first look was a natural look, and hair down and messy AU-NATURAL.

Underwear is something I rarely do. And when I do it always has a twist. This shoot was all about keeping within the fashion lines without being hoochy but still being a woman. I had to be fierce and give lots of attitude instead of the predictable pouting and being generally 'sexy'. Its harder to do than you think. I'm telling you I reckon it helps I don't have a big chest (to say the least) I helps keep the concentration on my face rather than my two non existent twins!

Quick Change (9pm)

As I was doubling up as stylist for most of the shoot (apart from David's design's) I got to have fun with it. As many of you wont know I have styled my shoot from the start bar a few. Clothes and Fashion are two things I love and spend way too much time and money on so I thought why not start properly styling and being credited. So girls, If you need a stylist I could be your girl. TRUST!

Next look was DRASTIC. The make up getting smoky around the eyes but keeping the lips pale. God I sound like Jak, She didn't want to go TOO strong as you can see above I decided to purchase an electric blue bob'd wig! Popped along to Agent Provocateur and got these amazing hold ups that matched perfectly, with a trusty pair of Kurt Geiger heels, Three statement pieces to say the least. I didn't have to add much more. So I didn't. In the case of the wig and BLUE theme, LESS IS MORE.

Quick Change (10.30pm)

As you know, Obscure Couture has become my favourite. The two girls AND they're wonderful clothes, Lyndsay Pagan was kind enough to drop some pieces from the couture collection and the new De-fusion range that hasn't even launched yet for me to play about with, AND PLAY WE DID

Decided to wait until I have the images back instead of giving it away with an un edited version

Quick Quick Quick Change (11.30pm)

We shot some of David's collection in the studio, with David on hand here's a taster of what we came up with


We all packed up and got everything into a van and car and jumped down to the new Transport museum. I was totally BURSTING for the toilet, not a good look when your wearing two tight couture dresses!! This was definetly due to the fact I had drank 5 cans of Rockstar to keep me going through out the shoot (for anyone that loves energy drinks, this is THE BEST one around tastes AH-MAZING)

So with what Jak called my 'PEE BABY' we got the two location shots we were looking for.

Wearing David Black.

One more to come. Need to keep you guys coming back so stay tuned for a full publication of the WHOLE shoot here. I will let you know WHEN!

At about 1am we wrapped, I dropped the stuff back off to Obscure Couture and swiftly made my way home, I was tired but my body had all this Rockstar in it it was refusing to SHUT DOWN!!  I stayed up until 5am writing this and doing work.

 I am DEDICATED to this, Whatever it is.

Peace Love & Rockstar

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