Wednesday, 27 July 2011


As anyone that knows me knows how hard I work, not just at my bread and butter job at INAA but with Modelling especially, it's something I really put my heart and sole into. I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people over the past year and have learned a hell of a lot. I have created my own little brand and it took a really long time to be recognised. I don't know what its like else where but I certainly know what my own city Glasgow is like. Its actually quite a sad thing as it seems no one supports peoples passion's WHERE IS THE LOVE PEOPLE? Take my facebook page and this blog for instants? I now have over a thousand people like it after just 3 months of starting it, You know how many of MY friends like it? not even a third of them! These people know exactly who they are! People will read my blog and look at my work but have nothing but bad things to say? The one I always get is, "You've done so much" YEAH! I WORK FREAKING HARD! Do you think I just do it for fun? No I do it because I love it and IT MAKES ME MONEY!

So Guys, Get Behind Me! It gives me a daily boost knowing there is support there! 
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