Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cloud 9

So, If your not on Facebook one get Liking my Page & Two you won't know I GOT CONFIRMATION on my first show in London Fashion Week September 2011! 


Can't describe what it was like getting it through, total mixed emotions! When I started crying it was almost like i was fighting it, Like 'i'm happy why the hell am I crying?' Never really felt tears of total JOY and Happiness before. But thats what it was, all the hard work is starting to pay off and I can truly tick this off of my bucket list!

The reaction from friends family and strangers is insane. I just want to say thank you especially to my sisters and Mum as without there constant support and pushing me forward I would have given up a long time ago. God I sound like i've just won an oscar. Well thats what It feels like. Realising dreams I thought I had given up on a long time ago. I'm buzzing and have a new push and urge to do more, achieve more!! In the next month I have so much on with my boss Joanne and her new project, I'm starting my own company making slogan and cool prints WANNABE TEE I have so many shoots booked in with clients, Milan and London. It's going to be crazy

So Stay Tuned
Come Along For the Ride


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