Thursday, 4 August 2011

Past & Present

Since returning from my beyond beautiful break away, I have actually been enjoying my time in the city! The sun has been out but as always glasgow likes to mix it up and keep us guessing on the weather, seems like we get all four seasons in the one day sometimes! Pretty unideal when your dressed for summer and you prance about town in a little dress and flip flops and it starts chucking it down, and a once cute outfit has been turned into a rather unflattering soggy ensemble! I'm sure you have all been there too!

Last saturday was a gorgeous day & I took full advantage of the good weather!

Me writing my Blog on Buchanan street at Starbucks. Coffee Sunshine and Writing. 

Then onto B.A.A.D Fest 

Usual, such a CUTE little stall and I only have my card with me. GUTTED

Amazing Paintings for Sale, L.O.V.E The Hendrix One

One of the Many artists playing at the mini Festival.

DIET? What Diet?

After I browed the stalls and listened to some live music I was ready to pop back into town and Look round the shops

ABSOLUTELY Loving The Positivity Slogan Tee's In the Shops! ALL ABOUT IT!

Top Model were running a Promo sort of thing with Miss Selfridge! Wish I had entered Prize was an all expenses trip to London staying in the Hilton with A THOUSAND pounds spending money! SHEEIIT!

OH LA LOVE! La Loves It!

Town was BUZZING with musicians!

Down Time in Queen's Park. IDEAL

I swear I could LIVE on this stuff.

I'm thinking about buying a little flip camera, Taking it round shoots etc. Real life REALITY


Peace Love & Drinking so Much Rockstar You BECOME One


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