Saturday, 14 January 2012


Well, I brought in 2012 in STYLE. I was in Pairs with Amazing People! We traveled from London on the euro-star, Which meant we started drinking at 4pm, You can imagine how filled my belly was with bubbles and wine? SWEET BABY JESUS. On the 1st we spent a Hungover day walking through the city not very romantic or cultured visit as all we did was moan about our sore heads from partying so hard the night before!! WOOPS, I stayed in London for a few days before returning to the reality of work, My 1st shoot was for Obscure Coutures Diffusion Range's Look book! They say never work with children and animals? Well, Obscure staying true to form we had 3 dogs on the shoot! With lots of props coloured wigs pizza and AH-MAZING clothes! It was a standard OB Shoot lasting no longer than 16 hours. OH HELL.

Paris NYE 2011 

Obscure Couture HQ - Getting Wiggy With It

Then, after one days rest in between I was through to Edinburgh to shoot a COLOURFUL Editorial with Andrew R. Moore and team. 

With literally hours in-between of me leaving for Paris round 2! It was a semi earlish flight over! Arriving in Paris to be greeted by open arms with a glass of Wine in hand by a few dear friends! The good times rolled! 

The most beautiful restraint in Paris - KONG

Me at Oscar Wild's Grave Stone

"Anyone who lives Within Their Means Suffers from a Lack of Imagination"

Notre Dame

The Louvre

I now have severe depression from not being in Pairs & Back to work full time.


My Healthy Eating/ Gymming it Commences This afternoon. 


Peace Love, Wigs, Dogs, Paris, Glitter, Euro Star, Planes ETC..
Love To You All



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