Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I Heard You Like The Bad Girls Honey

Happy Valentines Bitches' 

V Day is really a massive facade right? a Day where people are forced to unwillingly buy, gifts, cards and flowers, Mostly the predictable red rose if you are unimaginative or your significant other has REALLY bad taste in the flower department. We say 'I Love You' But do you REALLY Love them? Do you REALLY want to say it? Or is it all forced bullshit. I've said Love You to Boys since I was in primary 2 personally. But. I am a self admittedly a hopeless romantic, through and through. So does the fact I KNOW that the 14th of February is a commercially insisted day of fake-love? Does that comfort me? Being that I am alone without the lies and rubbish? The answer, HELL NO.

Not that as women Logic comes into it on days like this but I really don't know why it is exactly that this day out of every other day we especially feel the need to beat ourselves up and get so blue over the relationship status - Single. Every other day I know I would rather feel a little lonely but Happy in myself instead of in a Relationship that wasn't right just to pass the time or ease the pain of being alone. But today is like no other, I feel sad and lonely & on top of that, I love food, I love every type of food - good for you but mostly bad. A Moment on the Lips a lifetime on the Hips is a classic I constantly ignore, because for that moment - it's all worth it. I'm also not the type of person that doesn't find comfort in food, when I'm down there is nothing that sounds better to me than Macdonalds followed by BK then dominoes and 6 tubs of Ben & Jerry's but, instead of following this meal plan today I am comforting myself with salad and all things healthy in preparation of London Fashion Week in 3 teeny tiny days time.

Truly FML
All Sympathy or Last Min Valentines WELCOME.

Yours Truly


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