Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Filling in The Blanks, Or NOT

Hello, Gad this feels WEIRD. Haven't put a finger to the keyboard like this in what seems to be a freaking an AGE. But I guess I missed loading off some of my thoughts and thinkings on all of you.

I don't really know how to even start filling in the blanks of the last 5 months, So I guess I won't. Let's start from the here and now shall we? I'm writing to you from Dubai. Beautiful-Beautiful Dubai. Why? Perks of the job. Meetings, Shoots, Sun and Dust Called on La for a week long trip to the sand pit. & So Far so Good.. 

I'm actually in AWE of how beautiful this place is. Its pretty unbelievable. Then of course, after a long day's shooting.. I loose track of how lucky I really am and start thinking WHAT THU HELL IS THE POINT IN ALL OF THIS MAN.?!? I think it actually hit me whilst I was still dressed head to toe in some of my favourite designers such as YSL, Armani and DVF (to add insult to injury of my wild thoughts) Why are girls so mental? No but really? Tiredness + too much time to over analyse + 45 degree heat obviously DON'T mix well with me. After my little episode, it did make me think, my views on STUFF AND THINGS have totally changed, like yeah what girl doesn't like a new mac lipstick (& the rest) Louis Vuitton Bag & Christian Louboutin, red souled, beautiful shoes.. But how important, in the grand scheme of things are they? I guess with the outstanding some of 19 years under my belt i'm suddenly appreciating the littler things in life, and actually how they same to be the big important things these days. 


Peace, Love & Stuff just Being STUFF


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