Monday, 21 March 2011

Holla At Cha Gurl

I only found out the complete relevance of blog's when my company appointed me as their blogger to an already established company. Where I reminded myself of how opinionated I can be, Its given me a new Love for writing. My Blog? hopefully an interesting read, time will tell! Content? Anything and Everything, from the battle against the rat race, my hopeful story 'from rags to riches', becoming ambitious, to the point the once party girl is now a conformed workaholic. A.K.A what I would have referred to last year Boring Bitch. Behind the scenes photos and stories from my Photo Shoots, and just the general finds in the world of la. (La is my nick name incase your fortunate of not knowing me!) Retail, Fashion and everything weird and wonderful in between. 

Below is a Shoot I did on a trip Down Under, No Not Wales, Australia. Where I happened to work with a very Talented Original Glaswegian like myself Kirsty MacLennan. I surprisingly did my own hair and Make up, and styled the shoot myself. Alongside the help of Kirsty's creative accessories, I was really happy with the outcome, Although would not advise trying to model in 40 degree heat, Kirsty ended up having to count me into the shot, 3,2,1 Open your eyes!

The Shoot Was then Published on well known Blog The Fashion Insider

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