Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Is it obvious I watched one of my favourite films last night, Factory Girl. Always a winner, Not the best movie to watch if you are a newly 'QUITTER', I mean, Sienna Miller seemed to be smoking a whole lot more last night than any other time I've watched it? But you will be pleased to know I AM STILL SMOKE FREE.

So the battle against Junk Food, Sweets, Chocolate, Bread  & Cakes continues. Gym 4 days a week and pilates twice a week, lots of water and green tea. Still eating what I want just a more balanced towards the healthy side rather than gorging on Junk. (just read that over, how bloody boring have I become? Why on earth did I decide to start blogging now?  Believe me, my smoke filled sex drugs and rock n roll days would have been a much better read)

Yesterday was a great day, I bought my website, and www.wannabeshe.com. Just kind of love the name, If you are reading this not really knowing me, then I tend to take the piss out of the fact I model, calling an album I uploaded 'Just Another Wannabe'. A very Talented Photographer Hamish Campbell told me on our first meet."Lauren, being a model is more than being pretty. It's hard work, practice and patience. The whole thing is a performance you have to act as well as show the clothes"

Beauty without Intelligence is Like a Masterpiece Painted on a Napkin

Modelling seems Glamorous to an on looker, you get your hair and make up done, Sit and look pretty and get to keep all the clothes on top of a huge pay cheque. Well. Mabye 'my girl' Kate Moss or the beautiful Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Gisele Bundchen, Lara Stone, so on so forth, live this lifestyle we all portray to be run of the mill with modelling. When actual fact, its normally cold, long and doesn't pay well. Its like any sort of 'creative' To build yourself up, It takes alot of favours here there and everywhere. You really have to love it or it wouldn't get you through people telling you you can't, your too this or too that. Even people you would consider friends, Look at your pictures to bitch. It used to get to me, Now. You make me even more driven.

Above I spoke about Hamish Campbell, Credit where credits due. This guy knows what he's talking about. The first two are shots we did a few weeks ago, Underwear (with my enormous chest its a wonder why I haven't done it before) isn't something I would normally consider, but with Hamish's take on 'stripped back' underwear and NO MAKE UP, It works without being seedy. Love the outcome of the shoot. The bottom two shots are from November time, Just before i left for Australia. Not my best Hamish will agree.

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