Friday, 10 June 2011

I Need a Dollar

Today, I was up at the total crack of dawn To start work at INAA as I had a shoot for Cameo Vintage in the afternoon! 4am wake up call, I was less than amused to find it was still dark outside! I think this is why I love winter, Its against nature to get out of bed if the sky is black? Right? So winter is the perfect season as its pretty much dark right round the clock. Bed and sleep all day. Hibernation season! If only! So after my battle with the covers and comfort of bed, I ended up not moving from my computer for about 8 hours, Solid work.. So, I had a nice, well deserved ,relaxing bath before scooting to the west end to the studio.

The shoot went well! & the owner Julie, I think & Hope was happy. I had my 'crew' around me so was in a 'happy place' lets just say! Met some lovely new people too, Si├ón Lidgate, Emma Wilson & Lana Cairns always a bonus when there is positive/helpful people around! Big up talented-ambitious-determined people. LOVE MY LIFE SOMETIMES! There was way too much stuff too shoot in one go so a 2nd shoot has to been scheduled in, Julie has had the Vintage clothes shipped in from LA so all the clothes were a really high standard, As soon as I walked into the studio this red striped jumpsuit was like calling my name. It was beaut! So I obviously 'shot-gunned' it. So when we eventually got around to it, Got it on, hands in the pockets & I found A DOLLAR! $$$$$, I need dollar. Somewhere someone was trying to tell me something & Julie let me keep it. WINNER.

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone." Audrey Hepburn 
Julie - Cameo Vintage's Owner had the first part of this as a tattoo wrapping up her arm, sum's her up from what I gathered. Pure, Genuine Lovely person. A rarity I'm sure you'll agree.

Tonight when I returned home I had a few emails to send then my mum and I did some last minute shopping for the Awards on Sunday. Yes, my Mum is my plus 1. We're going to get our hair done during the day then one of my favourite make up artists Kaeleigh Wallace is doing our faces! WOOPA. Excitement.

I am so god damn tired It's going to be an early one for me. Some Sex in The City in bed & a good snooze. Working in Cruise tomorrow then Drinks at my friends house. Charming. Love a drunken night in.

Above is a shoot I did last year, Location - Brunswick Hotel in Glasgow's Penthouse. Photographer Jonathan Pryce - Blogger, Street Style Photographer, Writer! Genuinely lovely guy. So talented and smart! That's what its all about. The concept of the shoot was based on American brand Wildfox. One of my favourite labels. Rainbow room international - Hair, Sarah Vieira Da Cruz & Emma Parker - Make Up, Myself & Abi Barr from The Model Team - Models, I doubled up as I normally do as Stylist too. Conclusion? Well. You tell me.

Peace & Love
From a Very Tired Little Lady


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