Thursday, 9 June 2011

Music is the Answer

Whatever the question is, music is the Answer; This is my conclusion or even my closure, I swear music has pulled me out of whatever catch 22 I got myself in & I'm back to feeling really good. Life is way too short not to smile & Embrace every day. Let the good times roll!

Listen, if that's not a chirpy/cheery/cheesy opening blog then I dunno what is! 

Such a late & what I feel could be totally irrelevant review seen as Its been out for weeks. But I laughed the whole way through the Hangover part 2! It was SO funny. Equally as good as the 1st one and to be fair, it was always going to be pretty impossible to follow the 1st one up & I thought they nailed it. Bradley Cooper - every time he gets me. LOVE him. Such fun - Drinks after the cinema, one of my many ideas that seem brilliant at the time, but my 7am wake up call was received in such a different light. OUCH.

 Mega-stress-head's @ INAA, as Sunday is creeping up at a rather fast pace all the director's have been less than cool calm and collected. As we all feel comfortable with each other, the stress boils up in each others face rather than the culprits! But I guess that's just part of it, part of business and life. You will always take it out on the one's closest to you. THAT IS MY EXCUSE & I'M STICKING TO IT.

Cameo Vintage shoot tomorrow! I am excited but at the same time my already overwhelmingly busy week is now going to pretty much be a sleepless one too! For everyone reading this who knows me, I should be used to this right? No. It seems that my little body cannot hack the pace any more. & I truly love and appreciate sleep! Who knew? Kick off in the Afternoon, I guess it will be a supper late one. Julia Bell & Derrick Argent two of my favourite people to work with. I'm sure we will be able to have fun while we work!

My head's back in the game of 'LA YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO SIT YOUR DRIVING TEST' I will take this up again next week. I promise! Also, started looking for a flat. Yes, I am going to be sensible and invest some money in bricks & water at the end of the year! I actually moved out of my house when I was 16 for 10 months into Glasgow's city centre, & Now I look at renting as a total waste of money. So thought I'd get a mortgage instead, & Let other people 'waste' there money renting MY flat! Will be another young achievement to tuck under my belt. Land lord at 19. DON'T MESS!  

Totally thinking out Loud.

I'm away for a sweat at the Gym.
Aim of the Game

Peace Love & Sit Ups

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