Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Life is Busy

Hello! This week I haven't been able to blog until now. The Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards have arrived (well on Sunday) and work is, well, STREESSSSS! Everyone is running about like mentalist, yes we do this on a weekly basis but its totally sky rocketed this week! Nothing like a bit of pressure! WAAAA! 

We have some of the TOWIE cast, and for all you that have managed to miss this phenomenon! THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX crew will be in Glasgow on Sunday, and its our job to show them a damn good time! So that is Sunday, prior to this I have this huge project in work that has to be finished by next week, I have a photoshoot on Friday - but we'll get to that, and I'm working in Cruise on Saturday. Life is busy. 

Photo shoot on Friday for Cameo Vintage - I was approached by the owner a few weeks ago now, where we got the ball rolling instantly. Since then a good few things have changed, the photographer has changed to my choice which is Derrick Argent, who is as hard working and determined as me. I feel it's essential now to have people like derrick in my life! When you work in this industry the choices you make stay with you forever, you might be able to forget a certain shoot or show, but there will always be photos as evidence! Girls! You need to be choosy with who you work with, stick to your guns and go for it. I think I will write a more in depth blog about this tomorrow, for now I will leave you with some Images as I have to scoot and put my face on, Wednesday night is - CINEMA NIGHT. Hangover 2 - AT LAST.

This is a shoot we did a while ago now, But for some reason it was never published. I don't know why I haven't - well The blonde hair and no make up? No not really, I actually had no idea this shoot had been completed until a couple of days ago. So here it is, Location - Glasgow's west end, Stylist and Creative Director - Leanne Soki Mak, Photographer Derrick Argent. As you can see, this is quite a different look, which makes Leaane so recognisable! Her style/vision is so distinctive! Stripper Heels, Weaves, Fore Head Jewellery are just some of the things only Leanne would think of. Leanne is one of Glasgow's true gems taking London and the world by storm! She is a freelance Stylist/ working for Sony records & Ministry of Sound, Yasmin, Ribbed, Honk with features in Grazia, Vogue UK & Dazed & Confused If that isn't enough she double's up as a designer in her own right with a collection COMMING SOON, so keep your ears peeled for release date.

Peace Love & Hooker Heels

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