Saturday, 4 June 2011

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Brains are Beautiful
Hi, I’m Lauren & I’m a model. This would be an opening line you I wouldn’t be caught dead saying. I think that would be so dull, to define your whole being to what people would perceive as being beautiful.  Truth be told you probably stand out more NOT being a ‘model’ as pouting into a camera seems to be a past time every man and their dog is testing the water with.
 My name is Lauren Elizabeth Andrew, I am a creative director of I also write, maybe badly? Suppose you will get a feel for it after this? And I model, mostly paper bags and balaclavas – This is me. Down to a T.
I started modelling again about 12 months ago, and truth be told, I started because I wanted to be recognised and accepted. Maybe that’s not a cool thing to admit but it’s the Truth. When I started, I had a fair few set back’s one of which being height. Height is quite clearly a very important aspect of modelling. And 5.7’ just doesn’t quite cut it. But that just made me more determined, being told I couldn’t made me want to prove everyone wrong, of course. Sometime I would argue black was white, well me 12 months ago would have. So, after many long cold wet days, many many test shoot or what we call TFP (time for pictures) shoots. I have finally got to where nobody thought I would . And now I have I’m unsure of what it really is I want! Something I feel is so important and would encourage anyone to do is Follow your dreams, I haven’t quite figured out what my ideal is yet. But, I’m getting there.  So, wannabe models. If your reading this, work hard and don’t accept no for an answer.  But do not think that modelling is this glamorous life, where you get to keep the beautiful clothes and the rest of what we portray as the typical successful models life. It’s much harder than people let on and there is only few spaces at the top, so be determined and don’t give up. Have a plan A and B.
I’m lucky in the aspect that modelling actually helped my career. I was head hunted by my two boss’s through modelling. They approached me and asked me to be a part in this new company, I think at first they had a direction of face of the company. But now, after getting to know each other they realised and in fact pushed potential out of me and thankfully saw something (yeah I know, there must have been wine involved in the revelation right?) I was within my work encouraged to write and to push myself, I have now been given a director’s position that comes with a salary, and I am only 18 years young.  My plan B has turned out to be my plan A.
I write to INAA blog, and I have my own blog to. Check it out, It’s called WANNABE SHE. or I chose Wannabe She because, that’s how I describe myself. As just another wannabe. Girls, don’t take yourselves to seriously. Have fun!! I was so serious and so set on being an adult all my life, it took me to be officially classed as an adult to realise you’ve got to have fun and be young as these are really the times of our lives.
Plans for the future? Aim High, Dream Big and keep doing what I’m doing. I’m still waiting on my break, or realising what it is I’m chasing but along the way whatever happens, I’m going to work hard play harder and enjoy  the ride!

Peace Love & Pouting

Above Is My Article Thats Now Out in The Glasgow Beauty Guide!!

Peace Love & Saturday Night Fever

Dance The Night Away


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