Friday, 24 June 2011


Good morning Beauties, Today the sun is shining & IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Haven't been excited up until now. I am working all morning but have the afternoon off (Thanks Jo) where the plan is Lunch with Ben then Shopping with Steffani! The real celebrations are tonight! I have the penthouse in Hummingbird for pre drinks then Kushion for a Bn'G (bump&grind) later on!

One of the good things about divorced parents is separate celebrations! So last night my Dad came up from down south and we drank champaign and had Oysters then I introduced him to Jager Bombs! Happy Hangover Dad! He also bought me a beautiful MacBook Air so THANK YOU, I Laavv It! Full update tomorrow, let you know how tonight goes. I hope you all have a wonderful day

Thanks Dad x

Birthday Card from Australia. Know me TOO Well


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