Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Winner Winner

Chicken Dinner
But we'll come back to that!

I had an utterly TERRIBLE SLEEP last night and whilst working today, out of no where the WORST toothache I have ever experienced, it just suddenly appeared in my mouth. Its horrific! Hot things, Cold things and even when I open my mouth to gasp some air. ACHE! This shooting pain right through my mouth. I'm in agony! Needs lot's of sympathy hugs people. Even if its cyber hugs! 

So after finding there are NO pain killers anywhere in Joanne's house (now if you aren't an avid reader (why not!?!) Joanne is my boss and I am house/cat sitting whilst she suns herself in Mexico! I couldn't believe it. So after I battled through work all day moaning and groaning MYSELF with absaloutely NO response from anyone as I was in fact all on my lonesome. It was time to man up, get up and go to Morrison's I would love to tell you all that I man'd up fully. But I completely did not. Getting a taxi to a shop that is literary a 10 min walk. LAZY SHIT some may say? NO - WRONG I was in PAIN. I was also at the supermarket as I had promised a certain unnamed someone that I would cook them dinner. Chicken stuffed with mozzarella, red pesto & basil wrapped in parma ham served with mash potatoes. HIDDEN TALENT ALERT. Yes I am a good cook even if I do say so myself! I had forgotten how much I love cooking, I moved out into my own flat age 16, yes I do things young. So its part of the parcel to learn how to fend for yourself. So running about like a nutter (nothing new there) trying to find all my ingredients and pain killers, apparently I did loose my mind and forget to get pain killers, definitely the main reason I was there. So only half way home I turned round and revisited the only moments before left behind shop. Surprisingly when I got home I hadn't forgotten anything, but managed to pick up soluble pain killers. YUCK-BOKE-MINGING.

I did manage to get through the drinking of the chalk tasting concoction and was pain free for a little while. Dinner was preped, quick shower and re fresh. DONE. Served up a storm and it was smiles all round.

Tomorrow night I have a meeting with Mark the Creative Director of Harris Tweed to discuss some cool projects, and apart from that I will be in the INAA office or at the dentist.

But for now, Its Time for Dessert

Peace Love & Spooning

Rag & Bone - One of my Ultimate Brands
As Rachel Zoe would say, BA-NA-NA'S
Autumn Winter 2010


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