Tuesday, 28 June 2011


After an AH-MAZING sleep, I got up early this morning & went for a run!  Staying at my boss's means there is a cute little park across the road, the sun was shining so thought WHAT THE HELL. I'm not much of a runner but you've got to beat the best to be the best and there's no way I'm beating anyone if I don't stay in shape! 


So after Beyonce and all the rest of the DIVA's of my Ipod got me through my run, quick shower and straight to the computer for another day of oiling the INAA wheels. - NO INTERNET CONNECTION? What? "Please contact Talk Talk." So I did, only to find Gerry my boss's Fiancée had forgotten to set up a direct debit for Talk Talk. GREAT, so after paying the bill the kind man on the phone informs me that it can take 48hrs for the phone and internet to be re connected?  NIGHT MARE. So I phone the other 'BIG BOSS' to let her know I would not be online until further notice. What to do now? I decided to clean, and clean is what I did, for 4hours! Yes. The house is completely spotless. Its a bad day when you get the 'fear' tidying someone else's house. Normally I would imagine you would have a total spring in your step as your doing a good deed? Well not when you have an anal boss like mine, I once vacuumed her whole house only to be thanked and the vacuum taken off of me so she could do it properly? I never knew there was a specific way to vacuum? Did you? Well I have watched and learned the pro in action and can safely say its up to Jo's standards. FEW!

So after a few phone calls to Talk Talk telling them 'WE ARE AN ONLINE COMPANY, THAT MEANS WE NEED THE INTERNET' they finally turned it back on! Myself & Ruthanne had a meeting in Moria Jane's in Pollocksheilds where I scoffed a chilli bowl and a large Americano then headed back to the computer to make up for lost time. 

But for the rest of the night, CHILL OUT TIME. I now have a few shoots booked in for the rest of the week so time to get inspired! Push it more and do it better than ever, it's all about improvement.

Now the photos below are for a Magazine called TANTRUM. How appropriate right? Photographer Kirstin Kerr is one of the best in Glasgow, using a film camera 'As it's more forgiving' she is an over looked talent. Her photographs have a certain softness, she has her own style and totally stands out amongst the Wannabe's. Doubling up as stylist along side Magazine editor Nav Gill on the day this was the end result and more!

Nina Saleem MAC pro did the hair & Make Up in a little cafe called GO SLOW on Victoria Road. The owner was this lovely chilled out woman who just took it as part of a norm that a full team of pro's were at the front door of her shop looking for a place to prep. WHOEVER YOU ARE, YOUR A GEM!

Have a look at Kirstin's Work on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/people/_cowards/
A read at TANTRUM Magazine here http://issuu.com/tantrummagazine/docs/tantrumissue1
Or Follow THROW A TANTRUM Blog http://tantrummagazine.blogspot.com/

Now That's Quite Enough For One Day
Peace Love & Pastels. 


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