Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Best of Both

So D.I.V.A that I am, I went and bought myself a shiny new I Phone 4 today, As if my relationship with my blackberry wasn't enough? Now I have the best of both worlds

Today has been a pretty hard day, BUT ever Positive that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. I got some good news as I've been asked to front the campaign of a new Tanning Lotion launching through out the country BOOM BOOM BOOMI get a little control over the general feel of it as I've been given the big job as creative director I LOVE WHEN PEOPLE PUSH & BELIEVE IN ME! 

After a meeting in town I rushed over to Paisley for a Team meeting with INAA, Beautiful Spot Right? 

After huge meetings that seemed never ending today me and the director Joanne decided to go for a Yo Sushi @ Frasers for dinner! First timer me - I'm more partial to a MUCH more unhealthy option or a HUGE bowl of pasta, still trying to stick to this diet! BUMMER

I found this on my Mac Book, Sisterly Love. Myself and my younger sister Elle. She's makeup less and still beautiful. I shall have to get a good one of all three Andrew sisters. I love my siblings. 

Today, I'm feeling this. Can't get enough of Yasmin. T.A.L.E.N.T in a big way, & She's from Glasgow!

Tomorrow I'll be doing a more serious blog about someTHING that's bothering me.
Stay Tuned
This Could get SERIOUS

Peace Out

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