Tuesday, 12 July 2011


So today it's MARKETING at INAA. To get the creative juices flowing music has to be CRANKED strictly AT ALL TIMES I have the most eclectic music taste you can imagine. So going to start updating my blog with what I've been listening through out the day to keep me going 

I'm still clearly getting over my love session with deadmau5 on Sunday, I found this awesome remix of Raise your Weapon. Definitely a roof raiser. BURN BURN BURN

Beyonce, I can't explain what it felt like watching here on Saturday, I was up on some poor guys shoulders looking straight onto the stage, looking around with all the women going MENTAL shouting SINGLE LADIES! Her new song Best I Never Had went down an absolute STORM. Beyonce YOU THE SHIT!

"Thank God I Found the GOOD in GOODbye"

Nails Done Hair Done Everything BIG?

This afternoon, is PAMPER TIME, my favourite past time. Subject: Nails & Hair, I've been letting my hair recover from serious damage curtsey of Vidal Sassoon as I was signed to them for 10months doing shows all over the country and abroad I finally got my Hair done by the beautiful Sarah Bennett, Also a model appearing regularly in ZOO & Nut's, She's opening a salon of her own this Saturday so I went down to check it out.  Lets just say OH M G Glasgow will be my regular spot. Major gossip and pamper session. Highly recommended girls. GET DOWN!

Can't wait to collaborate with Sarah on an OH M G project, SHOOT TIME. More information soon people

Tonight It was dinner AGAIN & I was treated to a lovely meal at the butcher shop. Steak & White wine, AH-MAZING.

Now Bed Time
Peace Love & Sweet Ass Dreams


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