Monday, 25 July 2011


I guess if you LOVE what you do it's not work? But I have to say coming off a 4 hour flight straight into a shoot was a first! WOW! We had such a dodgy flight coming home! We got picked up at the hotel at 3am! Flight took off at 6am, (Greece is 2hours ahead) so we landed in Glasgow about 10am U.K time! Studio was booked at half 12 and I had to run home, get a shower, un-pack -  pack another case and run into town, pick up clothes from shops I was pulling from and grab accessories. & I was on time, everything laid out waiting for everyone's arrival. (PAT ON THE BACK LA)

Behind The Camera
So shoot details! Photographer Mr Sam Brill came down from up north! I have worked with the lovely man before so I knew that things were going to go well! Chilled out and lots of fun, Make up artist Jak Morgan, now been mentioned quite a few times on here, so  known fact she's a regular in my life now, & I love it! Ms Emma Noble filming the video, I was introduced to emma when we shot the Gary Wilson Film, Also travelling down from up north as a pit stop before moving to the big smoke! Amazing chick and very talented, always helps!
 In Front of the Camera
Mr Callum Casserly one of model team's own & Myself modelling, me doubling up as Stylist too which I was VERY happy about! 

Photographer Sam Brill

Emma Noble: Videographer

Blonde & Beautiful Make Up Artist Jak Morgan

Model Callum Casserly

So! Let me talk you through the concept, As creative director, I had a meeting with the big boss of the company to see what the aim was, & we both agreed Commercial with an edge, something cool and sexy but still in fashion sense not seedy

So with that in mind, Lot's of gold jewellery, swim suits, bikini's, shorts, underwear, chains and OIL were involved. Very greased up by the end of the shoot. With Jak brining her boombox we danced out the studio Blasting some Beyonce favourites!  & soon 10am turned to 7pm & IT WAS A WRAP

Afraid I can't reveal a thing until its been published by the company
 But I have a feeling it will be worth the wait
Stay Tuned, All with be revealed IN TIME

Peace Love & Oiled Up Dancing Sessions


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