Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Agony La

I have the best day i've had in AGES! POSITIVITY PEOPLE! It works i'm telling you! 

Been getting some really LOVELY emails recently about my blog, glad you guys are enjoying reading about my nonsense! It's nice having people to vent on even if there is no response its therapeutic! 

Also had a REQUEST! Yes a request, a girl emailed me saying that she always feels inspired after reading this, and is and never miss's a post. She has just recently split up with her long term boyfriend and wants me to write about relationships, The people who know me will most likely be ON THE FLOOR laughing as my experiences in the Romance department have been lets say EVENTFUL but nonetheless here we go!

So girls, we are MENTAL sometimes right? Or maybe I am trying to justify how MENTAL I can be by stereotyping the female sex. All jokes aside, we are emotional at the best of times never mind the worst! I don't know about you but I'm an all or nothing gal, I give it all or absolutely nothing at all. Having only been in one long term relationship from a young age my hormones and emotions were always all over the place & whenever we had a fight or split up like we had the tendency to do quite often aha It would seem like the absolute end of the world. & as much as I tried to not let it bother me It consumed my thoughts! I would cry for hours! I have only recently got a handle on things in that respect and girls i'm telling you it is not the end of the world. Do you think men sit and ball there eyes out over us? Do you think men even give us a second thought when they get ready? Or look out for us when they are in a club? The answer is most likely not. On a night out the boys are all about the boys, but girls seem to more concerned about the opposite sex than having fun with the females, and let's be honest we are really much more fun. Being positive minded doesn't just apply to work related things, it's definitely something that covers all aspects of life, so when you're fighting about whatever junk you are and it seems like THEE MOST IMPORTANT thing in the world, take a step back and think, Is this really important? The answer is most likely not, couples seem to spend relationships fighting and just accepting the arguments as 'part of it' Well im telling you it's by far part of it, don't accept anything less than the best ladies! This doesn't mean expect the impossible! But chill out and just enjoy the possibility that that moment in time ROMANCE AINT DEAD. & To all the single ladies, newly single or a long term singleton's ENJOY not having the sometimes burden of having a man, no one to moan at you, get you to cook dinner or clean up their mess, no one to stress you out!! Take full advantage and grab your single pals. Get your glam on (book on www.inaa.com, excuse the plug!) And DANCE the night away! I am not a disco kisser but if thats you're thing then don't hold back. Let your hair down and truly whip it about. Laugh a lot and GET ON WITH IT, Newly single, get yourself out of your bed, STOP CRYING AND MAN UP!! Aha Harsh but it's what you need to hear!

I think that it all. I'm cringing that much that I can't bare to read it back, But basically what i'm trying to say if the message aint that clear to you is, go out, enjoy and have fun, single married or not bothered. It's all about the power of the female girls SO GO DOMINATE THE DANCE FLOOR & forget about the men!

Peace Love & I'm Definitely Not An Expert.

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