Monday, 22 August 2011


Today I was smashing work at inaa all day then jumped over to the west end to do a shoot! It was with the lovely Olivia Halvorsen, Never worked with her before but what a pleasure! Olivia you are a doll! I cannot wait to see the images! What a team we had #storyofmylife I feel I say that about all my shoots, but i'm serious! Everyone I work with these days are BLOODY AH-MAZING. Debbie Slater was painting my face! Friends but never actually got round to working together! MAC consumes her make up life so was really nice to catch up whilst we worked! I loved what she managed to do with one's face! & with my THINATHON in progress, my skin has decided to BREAK OUT with my change of diet. IDEAL? Not so much! 1 spot is one spot too many in the world of modelling but thankfully Debbie sympathised as she's also going through a healthy eating spree and APPARENTLY it gets better! So fingers crossed for flawless skin ASAP 

There was two other models on location, One Ms Emily FM, also a friend and also never worked with her, again much fun was had and we managed to get each other through the pain of the needle stings! (Yes, we were shooting in a garden FULL of nettles) The other gorgeous model was Lisa Cunningham, self confessed 'gypsy' covered in beautiful tattoo's! Olivia reckons we compliment each other as her skin is white and mine still tanned from my break away in Greece! Guess we will see when the images are published! BRING IT

Ladies it Was a Pleasure!
Peace Love & Nettles

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