Monday, 8 August 2011

Fire in My Belly

Hi Ho
Hi Ho
It's Off To Work I Go

I used to think sleeping was a waste of time, now? I can't get enough of my memory foam sanctuary! So when my body woke itself up at half 6 today it was sort of out of the norm, I felt well rested, after going to bed at 10pm! The 8hrs of sleep rule. is ESSENTIAL! I was full of energy which needless to say is a total pain if you wake up within a small radius of me! Jumping about like a lunatic, no change there some might say? LOVING LIFE and taking full advantage of myself in such a positive state of mind. I tell you, success is good for the mind body and soul. & Even though i'm not 'successful' I feel i'm starting to make a little mark. So whatever it is im actually chasing, which I admittedly do not know what the hell it is, I'm a least a step closer!

Looking 'swav' at work is pretty much in our contracts. So here I am ALL FIRED UP.


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