Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The List

This might sound RIDICULOUS but when I was lying in the Sun on a Greek Island LOVING LIFE listening to my Ipod, I started to think about why I always stress myself about what I don't like in my life. We all seem to be programmed to think about the negatives. Well I'm trying to re programme myself I suppose. So I wrote a list of all the things I liked, loved and made me happy, things I hope to achieve and do with my life, so whenever I'm sad, I can refer to it. I swear, You might be laughing right now. But try it.

I Love Modelling
I Love Writing it let's me Express ME
I Love the Thought of Reading My Blog in Years to Come
I love the first minute of chewing extra (green) chewing gum
I love Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb Perfume
I love coffee of ANY KIND, Iced or Pipping HOT (no sugar)
I love the thought of wearing Balmain,Valentino, Rag & Bone D&G and Burberry Prorsum
Mario Testino is a GOD
Kate, Rosie, Gisele
I love the idea of being In Love
& The Thought That Romance is NOT DEAD
Carrie Bradshaw I WISH YOU WERE REAL!
Purple Canned Rockstar
I love Look Magazine
& Flicking through the over priced fashion bibles in awe of the pictures
I love people watching, in every city
I love flowers, I've Gone off Rose's
I like punctual people, I wish I was one!
I Like Cheese, Grapes & Wine thinking I'm Posh
I Love FINALLY being content
I Love Ambition. & How Ambitious I Am
I Love Thinking about how I used to be a bit of an idiot, & Realising how far I've Come
I LOVE Guys Restraunt in Glasgow
Paris is My Favourite Place in the World
I Can't Wait to Travel More
I Want to Learn Italian
I LOVE Hello Kitty
I Love Music, Of So Many Different Genre's but Especially Soulful Vocals
I Love Shopping, It is definitely one of My Downfalls

My list went on a good bit more baring in mind I was bored out my skull sun seeking! But once you've written it, whenever you feel sad upset or just lacking of positive energy read your list, remind yourself! Even go do/buy/eat something on the list.

It's All About Smiling More Every Day!
Be Happy
You Deserve It

Peace Love & THE LIST

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