Wednesday, 10 August 2011

One Step Closer To Karl

What a horrible day? The weather can have such a negative effect on your life/mood don't you think? Well I had too much work to be getting on with to let it do that! 1st half I was Working in the office then 2nd half was out seeing clients LIKE A DROWNED RAT! Jesus Rain. Curly Hair!

At night I had to go to Chanel to help out a make up artist called Siân Lidgate! She is doing all her tests for Chanel to become a pro in what they're all about, she's already a make up artist but Chanel being Chanel I guess they like to do it THERE WAY! Siân took before and after pictures that she will send to Chanel head office, shall we hope they accidently fall into Karl's Lap? Hmmm OH TO DREAM!

She went for a dramatic eye and lip! I love the colour of the eye-shadow she used! Makes my once brown now apparently HAZEL eyes pop! Thank you for my bag of goodies! & The chocolates YOU LEGEND

So after being made up, I had a meeting with a graphic designer also my friend Keir Reid to discuss WANNABE TEE! I'm buzzing about it and think your going to LOVE THEM PEOPLE! Time Will tell

I am Knackered & Need Some Beauty Sleep
Bath & Bed for Me
Life of a Rockstar

Peace Love & I LOVE KARL

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  1. Aw thanks Lauren, you're so sweet.
    I'm glad I managed to tie you down for this, you were the perfect model for that look.

    See you Sunday. xx