Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Last Supper

I've had a bit of a mental week at work people! Tres Sorry for not writing. Mon-Fri it was just non stop so, Wannabe She has been neglected big time but don't worry I'M BACK ON TOP OF IT.

This truly HAS to end. It Simply CANNOT go on. I really NEED to stop eating shit. I REALLY need to get my skinny ON!! So today is the END of eating nonsense. I PROMISE! I'm ready to quit the junk!

As of monday 22nd of August I am on a Health Kick, so probably best to keep well clear of me as it will be no doubt mood swing central. I WILL work out at least 3 times a week and will not eat shit, I don't know who i'm trying to convince? You or Myself?

Yesterday I went along to The Fabulous Obscure Couture HQ to help out with the model casting for the S/S 2012 collection photo-shoot thats happening in the 1st week of September. 

I was in charge of videoing the models, asking them questions, general things like name, age, where they were from, 3 words to describe themselves and what they do apart from aspiring to be a model. I had lots of fun but HATED hearing my own voice being played back, Surly I don't really sounds like that? Sweet baby Jesus.

Meet The Girls 

& The Boy

So what do YOU Think? Its a double whammy as the casting is running over 2 days so Let's see what today brings! Update tonight!

Last night was an early night for me! Sleeping for 10pm! I AM A ROCKSTAR! The X Factor started, Laughs and tears are ALWAYS involved, I am a TOTAL softy believe it or not, yes guys I HAVE A HUGE HEART!! Aha, Happy tears because of this girl, Janet Devlin She's my favourite already. Supper cute, shy but endearing and WOW that voice?

Peace Love & Models

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