Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Illegal Train Journey's

So Today I have  been in Edinburgh ALL Day working my lil' Socks off, I was greeted at the station by both of the photographers and MUA (make up artist) where we all hoped in the car together to the location! There was 6 different looks, but that was very quickly changed to 7! Both Photographers were from Switzerland and the MUA was Irish! Such an interesting group and we all hit it off! Of course I was making a fool of myself the full day joking around! I like to think I always leave an impression on people on jobs, whether its good or bad I don't know but at least they will remember me right? Herve, one of the photographers says to expect the photographs in 4 weeks. Yes 1 month. He's a perfectionist and I can't complain about that now Can I?

So after a truly LONG day, I hopped in a taxi to Lesley's where my dinner was made for me! Grilled chicken and avocado salad? Who Knew Lesley was such a little house wife! Didn't get to stay for long before I was back on the train through to Glasgow! Very Sad but looks like It won't be long before I see her again, More to be revealed soon enough. The train, most BRUTAL thing I have ever experienced in my Life, When did it become LEGAL to stop at EVERY train station from Edinburgh to Glasgow. I was on the train for 1 hour and 45 mins. SO UNIDEAL.

I'm Finally Home, & Have Work at 8am
Peace & Love

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