Monday, 15 August 2011

Reality Calls

Last night I had so much fun! Town was mobbed! Suffering now, and my 7.30am alarm was NOT welcomed by a happy la this morning. REALITY CALLS

Tonight after work I am Shooting! Always happens that way, I have a quiet lil' break and then BOOM it's non stop again, Tomorrow I'm in Edinburgh all day! Another Shoot that's been in my diary for ages TRES excited about it! I will be sure to keep camera to hand and take some sneaky shots and let you all know how I got on. Also hoping to catch up with one of my best friends Lesley while i'm over there tomorrow night which will be so good to see her, Been having a cyber relationship for way too long now!

I Better Run I Need To Go Pack For The Next Two Days.
Peace Love & I Can't Wait For My Spoon in Bed Tonight


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