Sunday, 14 August 2011

Monkeying Around

Above is some snaps from today's shoot! It's been in my diary for MONTHS so was happy to finally shoot with two new additions to my collection of creative's ! Model Elliot Mackie & Photographer Colleen McMahon. Sian had the MASSIVE job of making me look good today, she was on hair and make up! What a team! & Finished off with a Pizza from domino's! (#dietoutthewindow) it was a dream shoot. Sian brought some help with her! Shoot virgin Amy O'Rourke, Make up artisit but prone to Weddings instead of fashion shoots! What a lovely girl! & also responsible for the lovely behind the scenes pictures! So Thank you girl!

As you can kind of make out from the pictures it was a rooftop shoot today! This was the view taken by the male model Elliot! He was shaking like a leaf whilst I lay, hung and near enough dangled from the edge. Everyone else apart from me seemed to be scared for my life. Well, I lived to tell the story. This monkey nickname I'm getting on shoots may stick! Always thinking about what I can jump off of or hang from!

Thank you to everyone involved! You made my working Sunday so enjoyable! Can't wait to work with you all again very soon!

Tonight I am painting the town R.E.D with my friend Jade, I think it's going to be a wild one. #crap! I HAVE WORK AT 8AM. Your only young once eh? See you on the dance floor if you're out we'll be gracing the floor at Bamboo, possibly an appearance at common too! BRING ON THE WINE

I am very happy to welcome Mr Allan Craig to the ROCKSTAR TEAM, he has been converted to the dark-side  Welcome to many shaky days due to drinking way to many babe. Hoping to be whipping my hair on the dancefloor with you very soon Stranger

Peace Love & Monkeying Around

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