Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Lunch Time Bloggin'

On my lunch @Inaa, I am situated in my now regular spot Starbucks on Buchanan street for a cafine re fuel! I finish work around 5, I will then be travelling through to Edinburgh for a shoot with Robin Frowley, I was meant to be shooting with him yesterday but as I've already said I was supper ill, Feeling better today THANK THE LORD, Kaeleigh Wallace was meant to be doing the make up yesterday, but as she has a night class and can't make the reschedualed time of tonight I've called in my favourite Jak Morgan to cover for her! We did the Johari shoot on friday together, working together tonight and we have a shoot booked on friday too! 3 times in 1 week with this woman is a rarity! LOVE YOU JAK!

The Music Getting me Through Today Have Fast Become My Two New Favourites!

Both equally amazing and commercial! My once good music taste has turned seriously mainstream. But I love it!

Hope your All Smashing It

Peace & Love

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