Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dior Get's Priority

Robin Frowley Jak Morgan & Me

I had so much fun at My shoot today! It was my first time working with Robin, what a lovely guy! He blasted The Doors and Fleetwood Mac's Best Album Rumours, we actually came to the agreement it may be the best album EVER made, bold statement but it's 1000% one of my favourites. I felt supper comfortable dancing around like a lunatic in my own little world. At one point I leapt across the room like a ballerina! Remember I told you I like to leave an impression! CRAP! Robin says I shouldn't have to wait to long for the photos! THANK THE LORD, as I feel like I have like 10 outstanding shoots I can't show you guys, either because they are being published in a magazine, not ready yet or the best yet, The shoot I did nearly three weeks ago with 2 photographers in Edinburgh, the swiss men? I don't know if you remember but scroll down if not, I received an email from Mr Charles-Elie Lathion one of the photographers, originally from Switzerland but working in Berlin which he in fact HATES which I totally don't get BERLIN YOU ARE ON MY TO DO LIST, he said hello lauren sorry I've not had a chance to edit our photos yet as I've been working on the DIOR S/S 2012 campaign! MR CHRISTIAN DIOR gets priority over MOI? Yes, this is one person I will happily allow to step in front of me in the Que., Carry on Christian! Charles, accidentally intentionally mix up our photos and send them to Dior.

Hopefully Have Some New Pictures To Show You Guys Soon

Peace & Love

Curtesy of The Talented Ms Morgan, I have VIOLENT LIPS! Lips transfers all the way from the U.S or Harvey Nichols if your supper impatient like Jak! I tweeted this picture and Violent lips tweeted me asking to tag them in the photo! LOVES A TWEET! @laureneandrew


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