Monday, 1 August 2011

Rise & SHINE

My Sister Elle & I

Birthday Boy & His 2 Favourites


SERIOUS FACE'S, Myself & Shaun

We Are Normal.

Hope you had a FABULOUS Birthday Benny G. You certainly drank enough champaign that's for sure! My 7am Alarm did NOT GO DOWN WELL today! Not that I was drunk but MAN Am I sleepy! Meeting's with INAA first thing & My crazy diet starts today. Don't worry, I wont turn into a moody physco well no more than my usual. It's basically EXTREME healthy eating! Lots of protein and veg and not many carbs. Apart from Sundays as In this diet, it is the TRUE day of rest. EAT WHAT YOU WANT day. Man I can't wait until Sunday already! Healthy eating means I am also BACK IN THE GYM, I dread my first session with the treadmill! (Kevin yes, it's you that has inspired me with this diet. credit where credits due)

Better Run To Work
Ciao Ciao


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