Sunday, 11 September 2011

It's Getting HOT In Here

Still on my health kick for the soon approaching LONDON FASHION WEEK, Me & fellow model Jemma Daley decided to try out Hot Yoga! Yes, It's Hot & Its YOGA! Basically your in a boiling hot room (sauna) doing yoga for 90 mins. Much to my surprise WE SURVIVED! Afterwards we went to OKO, my much loved after karbon or any club on a saturday night destination, as my days of drinking seem like a thing of the past, It was my healthiest trip to date! YUM, I had about 8 glasses of water, miso soup, lotus flower green tea, tuna sushi and those green pea things you push out of the pod? YUM. & Believe it or not I was totally full.

Me ALIVE After Hot Yoga


 After missing the X Factor last night The plan tonight is to catch up on that & my cyber world as truth be told I have been the worst ever recently. But back on it and ready to fully update you all on my recent adventures. Be sure to stay tuned as THE LONDON DIARY starts on Friday morning, full coverage of all the shows and shoots, I am walking and working for some truly amazing talent so hoping to bring you all back lots to feast your eyes upon and more than anything DO SCOTLAND PROUD!

Peace Love & Green Tea

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